Friday, September 20, 2013

Otakon 20: A First Timer's Perspective (Part 1)

I’ve never been to a major convention that caters exclusively to anime and Japanese entertainment before. I’ve especially never been to a convention that required me to travel a great distance. The only major convention I’ve been to in the past in New York Comic Con; a convention that is located a short train ride away from where I live. This means it’s a smaller financial investment to go to that convention than any other convention. That said, this past August I decided to take a chance and go to this year’s Otakon convention being held at the Baltimore convention center. They were celebrating their 20th annual event and had a lineup of musical guests I was interested to see. So about a week before the event, I finalized my decision to go, booked my hotel and planned my travel route. The drive wasn’t fun, but the convention sure was.