Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mind Wanderer: Sonic The Hedgehog (SatAM) Review

Welcome to the premiere edition of Mind Wanderer, a cartoon video review web show. Today, we will be looking at Sonic the Hedgehog (also know as Sonic SatAM). Personally, when I think of early 90s shows from my childhood, this is one of the shows I think of. I wanted to see if the show held up. By the end of 2014, there will be five animated TV series based on Sega's Genesis hero. Surely, at least one of them is good. Right?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trailer: Mind Wanderer

This is the debut trailer for the new cartoon review web series, Mind Wanderer. Here you'll find videos spotlighting various animated shows and movies from my collection along with discussion of my thoughts and who I think would enjoy watching the show or movie. While I do like to have fun on the show, don't expect a large portion dedicated to sketches that have little to do with the subject at hand. After all, it's about the animation, right?