Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mind Wanderer: Mysterious Girlfriend X Review

Some people consider certain anime to be too weird for them. Me? I like to take weird head on. That’s why I chose to buy today’s topic of discussion; a romantic comedy with a very unique… twist. Back in 2012, I sure did hear a lot of people talk about this show due to that very same twist. And with the unique reactions this show was getting, how could I not give this show a look? So pour yourself a drink and enjoy the Mind Wanderer review of Mysterious Girlfriend X.

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Music credits and links:
Sneaky Snitch (Tip Toe 7)
On the Ground
Groove Grove
Funk Game Loop
Comic Hero
Guess Who
Bad Ideas (distressed)
Darkest Child (Mysterious)
Space Fighter Loop
Mining by Moonlight
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